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in our paradise

NAKAI Maayafushi is not only a tropical paradise for the sun, the beautiful beach and the nature that surrounds it. Underwater there is a real world to discover and you can do it together with the staff of the Nakai Diving Center. The island of Dhiggiri is located near a wide selection of truly unique diving spots. Many of them are sites within protected areas and some are famous for being on the list of the best ones in the world.

and its underwater splendor

Maayafushi is one of the true gems of the northern Ari atoll. Its position, inside the atoll, is ideal because it allows direct access to many of the best dive sites in the Maldives, which are located in Ari Nord. The depths that can be visited are numerous and their diversity offers options that are not only for the more experienced divers, but also for beginners who for the first time descend into the water. The instructors of the diving center of Maayafushi, will accompany you along very famous dive sites like Mushimas Minghili Thila (Fish Head), the splendid Maaya Thila or the very close and fascinating wreck of Halaveli.

Are you ready to dive?

We are ready to make you discover an enchanted underwater world

Mushimas Minghili Thila, or “the Fish Head” is by far one of the most popular dives of all the Maldives. This banksand (Thila) lies on the sandy bottom at 40 meters, and arrives between 8 and 12 meters in the highest part. Its position, which directly overlooks one of the largest ocean canals of the atoll, is a direct consequence of its beauty. The strong current determines the spectacularity of the meetings. As you watch the numerous caverns of the walls, you will find yourself surrounded by gray sharks of the reef, an unlikely amount of riflemen fishes and other shoals of hunter fishes such as snappers, and tuna that will impress those 40 minutes in your memory.