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The Maldives are not only a tropical paradise for the sun, the beautiful beaches and the nature that surrounds them. Underwater there is a real world to explore, and the research projects of the NAKAI Group aim precisely at the discovery of the wonders of the Indian Ocean. The Nakai Resorts are located near a wide selection of truly unique dive sites, which lend themselves perfectly to being observed and studied with cutting-edge equipment. The result is being able to tell, in an even more delicate and always different way, a fundamental part of the soul of the Maldives.


Are you ready to discover the secrets of the ocean?

As NAKAI Group we have started a series of projects about the Indian Ocean. These are the first steps of a journey in close contact with the researcher Stefano Perrone, which we hope will be long and full of discoveries and able to tell the world about new faces, sounds and colors of the Maldives. Thanks to the use of particular scientific equipment, we wanted to push ourselves to listen to the sea to translate its electromagnetisms into digital sounds. In fact, we managed to “capture” the sounds of the coral reef, bioluminescence and plankton of the Maldives. These are unique melodies, completely natural, that no one had ever managed to make themselves heard before.