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Awake your senses

Let yourself be carried away by our activities

Let yourself be carried away by the tranquility of our Maadigha spa. A welcoming and peaceful place where you can abandon yourself thanks to the best massage techniques in the world and rebalance your senses. With each movement we entrust the task of regenerating mind and body, to every sound, the ability to awaken the mind and recover its natural inner harmony.

Discover all of our’s massage techniques

Relaxing in the Maadigha Spa of Maayafushi is very simple. It will be enough to enjoy the delicacy of massages and the perfumes of essential oils, to experience the sensorial synergies that they can generate. Oriental techniques, from the oldest to the most modern, will lead you along a true path towards lightness and will rediscover the balance between body and mind. A unique way to restore and recharge yourself and fully enjoy the best moments of your holiday.